Friday, May 24, 2013

The longing.
The loneliness.
The sense of loss.

I think those are the things which hurt the most.

Great Frustration

Yeah I’m stressed out.
Nothing new there I suppose.

…it’s a bit irritating when 2/3rds of your best friends are out of their respective countries on trips and are unable to talk.
And other 1/3rd is uncertain what to say mixed with very busy.
And…I’m also in alot of pain.
Oh well…

An ever increasing annoying thing is the thing…which is the thing…and the other thing…
Knowing what you want.
Knowing what you need.
But feeling as though vocalizing it negates the point of people even doing anything… presumably if they know and love me they know what I need.
Despite their lack of psychic abilities.

So another doctor visit later today, more sedation and endoscopic procedures to make sure I'm not slowly rotting from the inside out from cancer or something.