Saturday, February 16, 2013

Meek Whispers into the Night

Oh Soul,
are you lonesome tonight?
Are you lonely tonight?
Are you looking for love,
just for tonight?

Tired Soul,
broken nails,
dirty face
and tear stained clothing
are all hurting like Hell,
getting tired of grace.

Oh Soul,
won't you come out tonight?
Will you speak out tonight?
Be moved tonight?
The hour grows late
and soon the chime shall ring
striking chords of midnight
and what have we to show?

Made to be of a consistency
reflecting that of
Celluloid and Cellophane.
False lies
and plastic smiles.

I hope it does not repeat again tomorrow night. 

World of Warcraft

Yeah...just...don't even say a thing.
Guilty pleasure.
Wonderful music.
Familiar sounds.

The only thing that could hope to ever match it was The Matrix Online...