Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Depression

Perhaps the worst part, certainly the most annoying, aspect of depression and anxiety is this feeling of suffocation and fear.

It is all irrational.

There is very little basis for any of it.

And yet...the struggle is so hard.

It matches the physical pain of the fibromyalgia in terms of stress.

It's like having a weight on my soul while my spine is alight from pain.

This is frustrating beyond belief.
But I also choose to believe there is Hope.
Hope that I did not merely choose but chose me as well.
Hope to carry on.
Hope for strength.
Hope for Love.

Even while I feel like this bed has become a prison cell and that no one hears me...there is hope that someone, somewhere can read this and relate...and know they are not alone.

None of us are truly alone.
We may not get what we want out of life.
Things rarely go according to plan.
But at least Love still flies.