Friday, December 20, 2013

You are my Nightmare

Time will persist,
moment agonizing moment
as each grain of sand
marks a passage.

Black burns 
fading into white
as every moment reminds.

Lilies and lilacs 
becoming such sweet lies,
hiding behind smiles
your grotesque sins.

Smiles and stares
dripping sweet venom,
leaving never healing wounds.

Your smile is necrotic
burrowing into my soul
and I love you
for very wound
fueling my self hatred.

Blank pages
ink faded,
broken promises
written with our blood.

Promises and oaths 
barely coherent lies.
The broken shell of what was
and reminders of what could have been.

Solace in knowing
you aren't worth the effort
it takes to rhyme
and create cohesive structure.

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