Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thia whole dream thing is becoming silly.
I have never had consistency between two dreams before...much less months apart.
This is sort of irritating.

I would rather go back to dreaming about reading or you know...maybe dream about something fun.

But...reality is a cruel mistress.
However there is grace...and love that can cover over a multitude of sins.
No matter what happens...real, dream, visions or otherwise...there are somethings that will never change.

Love is stronger, more intoxicating and more beautiful than anything of humanity...not to discount the things here...just that...imperfection and perfection and it is much too early for me to try and put some sort of sense into these thoughts.

I'm going to eat some pop tarts and go back to bed.
I do not get paid nearly enough to deal with this sort of thought at this hour.

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