Saturday, March 13, 2010

I wonder if I will ever have a vision...a large vision for the world again.
When I was a teenager I felt I could do more than I could ever see...that I could touch the world and see some real change.

I'm fighting to ward off bitterness and not feel just consumed with the negative.

Please...please...revive these dry bones.
Revive this soul.
Help me to love and not hate.
Please...please...don't leave me here.
Make me new, renew Your love again.
Teach me to speak and sing anew.
God I need compassion and love in my soul.
I am so dry, so needy...God I am so needy.

I want to go where the streets have no name.
Where religion isn't bound to culture and people are free to breath and to believe.

I want to feel Your heartbeat next to mine
and I just want to get lost here.
Today and tonight.
Whatever may be and be.

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